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2017 Taipei Film Awards winners announced


The 2017 Taipei Film Festival officially drew to a close on July 15 with the grand Taipei Film Awards ceremony at Taipei’s Zhongshan Hall. Director HUANG Hsin-yao’s The Great Buddha + came away as the biggest winner of the evening, capturing the Grand Prize as well as Best Narrative Feature, Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Editing), Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Music), and Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Art Design) for a total of five awards. HUANG Xi’s Missing Johnny followed closely with four awards, winning Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Talent, and Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Cinematography). This year’s award for Best Actor went to WU Kang-jen for White Ant, while Shin YIN was named Best Actress for The Island That All Flow By. The Best Director prize was presented to LU Po-shun for Wild Tides, marking the third time in Taipei Film Award history that the award has gone to the director of a short film. 


 The Great Buddha + 


The Grand Prize winner of the Taipei Film Awards was selected from the four winners of the Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short Film, and Best Animation categories. HUANG Hsin-yao, the winner of this year’s Grand Prize for The Great Buddha +, said he felt very fortunate to be honored again with his debut feature after previously taking home the Grand Prize for the documentary Taivalu in 2011. He thanked his entire team for their support and especially producers YEH Jufeng and CHUNG Mong-hong for making this film possible. 


HUANG Hsin-yao, the director of The Great Buddha +


WU Kang-jen’s Best Actor award for White Ant is his first award for a film performance. He repeatedly expressed his astonishment and disbelief when accepting the award and gave special thanks to the film’s director, CHU Hsien-che. Shin YIN took home this year’s Best Actress award for her portrayal of a toll booth operator in The Island That All Flow By. This is the second time she has been recognized by the Taipei Film Awards, having been named Best Supporting Actor for The Will to Power back in 2013. Best Supporting Actor was awarded to HUANG Yuan for Missing Johnny, while Best Supporting Actress went to LIU Yin-shan for Cloudy. At nearly 80 years old, LIU was especially emotional after finally being recognized for her acting following many decades' work. The award for Best New Talent went to Rima Zeidan for her performance in Missing Johnny.



Best Actor & Actress of this year, WU Kang-jen and Shin YIN 



Best Supporting Actor & Actress, HUANG Yuan and LIU Yin-shan


The award for Best Director was presented to LU Po-shun for his work on the short film Wild Tides. He is the third filmmaker to win Best Director for a short film after CHAN Ching-lin for A Breath form the Bottom in 2013 and TSAI Ming-liang for No No Sleep in 2015. The jury noted that LU built a very realistic environment for the actors to perform in, creating a very restrained depiction of the loneliness of rural life in an extremely short space of time. Best Documentary was awarded to Small Talk by HUANG Hui-chen, while Best Short Film went to CHANG Tso-chi’s True Emotion Behind the Wall and Best Animation was won by YANG Yung-shen for Stories About Him.



 LU Po-shun ,winner of Best Director  Best Documentary Small Talk by HUANG Hui-chen


Best Animation winner, Dicetor YANG Yung-shen for Stories About Him


This year’s Yang Shih-chi Outstanding Contribution Award was presented to recipient JAN Hung-tze by Taipei mayor KO Wen-je . The award affirms YANG’s role in Taiwan New Cinema at its most pivotal time through his drafting the “Taiwan New Cinema Manifesto” and his strong efforts in acquiring resources for Taiwanese filmmakers. The Press Award went to The Road to Mandalay by Midi Z, who not only thanked the media for the recognition but also encouraged anyone who wants to make movies to continue filming and learn from mistakes no matter how difficult their environment. The Audience Choice Award was won by CHI Yueh-chun for the prison documentary Condemned Practice Mode. The director said what he wants most out of his film is to create a dialogue with audiences, adding that he hopes viewers can reflect on the necessity of the “presumption of innocence” under the law.


winner of Yang Shih-chi Outstanding Contribution Award, Mr. JAN Hung-tze



The Press Award ,The Road to Mandalay by Midi Z and The Audience Choice Award, director of Condemned Practice Mode


LIN Sheng-xiang, who captured his maiden film award with the Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Music) for The Great Buddha +, revealed that this was his first film soundtrack and the best album he has done in terms of sound recording since he entered the industry 20 years ago. The Great Buddha + also received the Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Art Design), with recipient CHAO Shih-hao giving special thanks to the jury for the recognition.



winners of Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Music & Art Design), LIN Sheng-xiang and CHAO Shih-hao for The Great Buddha +



winners of Best Screenplay and Award for Best New Talent, HUANG Xi  and Rima Zeidan



2017 List of Taipei Film Awards Winners


Grand Prize

The Great Buddha +


Best Narrative Feature

The Great Buddha +

With many years’ experience in documentary, director Huang Hsin-yao brings his signature style to his debut feature, confidently and compassionately dealing with remote village themes that draw the focus away from the big city.


Best Documentary

Small Talk

A powerful depiction of a mother-daughter relationship. The film bravely portrays the most difficult and dark side of human nature through the relationship of three generations of women, with a reconciliation between the mother and daughter that is very moving.


Best Short Film

True Emotion Behind the Wall

The film was produced with very limited resources in a difficult environment and facing many restrictions. The mise-en-scène is nevertheless remarkable.


Best Animation

Stories About Him

The storytelling is full of innovation as the film fully explores its techniques of animation, while still speaking to audiences of all ages.


Best Director

LU Po-shun, Wild Tides

The director constructs a very realistic environment for the actors within a short film that talks, with restraint, about the loneliness of people in a remote village. The aesthetics and the choice of subject clearly show the director’s care for this place.


Best Screenplay

HUANG Xi, Missing Johnny

The script is tightly structured yet full of freedom - a rare combination. It tells its story well, making the audience feel deeply the sorrow and beauty of its characters.


Best Actor

WU Kang-jen, White Ant

An acting performance without exaggeration, Wu Kang-jen grasps the characteristics of the role with delicacy and precision to fully portray the richness of his character’s inner state.


Best Actress

YIN Shin, The Island That All Flow By

Yin Shin is in good command of her interpretation of the role, perfectly finding its tempo, and filling her acting with details rather than offering a conceptual rendition.


Best Supporting Actor

HUANG Yuan, Missing Johnny

Very naturalistic acting, simple and direct, that finds a suitable way to portray the way of life of the character.


Best Supporting Actress

LIU Yin-shan, Cloudy
A pitch perfect performance that captures the state of the character’s illness, delicately showing an inner state that is rarely seen, and demonstrating excellent attention to detail.


Best New Talent

Rima Zeidan, Missing Johnny

In a film that does not emphasize the plot, the actress gives a naturalistic performance without pretension that captures the heart and soul of the character.


Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Cinematography)

YAO Hung-I, Missing Johnny

The atmosphere of the film is created by its cinematography. The flow of the camerawork echoes the complicated interpersonal relationships in the city and give life to the film beyond its story.


Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Editing)

LAI Hsiu-hsiung, The Great Buddha +

The editing flows throughout and is not abrupt, allowing the story and characters to naturally reveal themselves through the tempo of the film.


Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Music)

LIN Sheng-xiang, The Great Buddha +

The music mixes a rich variety of styles combining generic forms with local elements that tap into the story’s sources. With delicate design, it makes interesting connections with the voiceover and visual language, becoming a rich and lively work in terms of concept and style.


Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Art Design) 

CHAO Shih-hao, The Great Buddha +

With its stylish and detailed approach, it fittingly constructs the living environment of the story; one that is ironic and exaggerated, portraying the details of the characters, and forming the script’s unique world.


Press Award

The Road to Mandalay

The film depicts the struggles of Burmese migrant workers in a difficult, foreign location with humanity and explores their psychological conflicts. With limited resources the film achieves a high standard of film aesthetics, while the actor Kai Ko gives an explosive performance, showing a different side of his potential. This award is to acknowledge the artistic achievement of the film.


Audience Choice Award

Condemned Practice Mode


Yang Shih-chi Outstanding Contribution Award

JAN Hung-tze

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