CHOU Chia-yin


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2016 Taichung International Animation Festival
2016 Thessaloniki Animation Festival
2016 Festival Anim!arte


Date Time Venues Filmmaker in Attendance Add to My Film List
2017/07/01 16:40 Shin Kong Cineplex 1
2017/07/09 11:00 SPOT HUASHAN Cinema A One YES Sold out




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This is an evolutionary story that happens in an ordinary street. They live only a few steps apart, but those on the top look glamorous and love bullying the mice that hide themselves at the bottom. The protagonist is a mouse who has human wisdom and behaves like a human.


CHOU Chia-yin was born in Taipei in 1994. Since graduating from the Department of Communication Design at Shih Chien University in 2016, she has made five animations, and the stories are based on things she observes in the surroundings.

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