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CHEN Hyin-gen



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2017/07/11 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall YES Sold out




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This is a story that introduces the life of a wonderful dancer, friend and teacher: Lo Man-fei. In Taiwan, several young choreographers have shown the potential needed to achieve worldwide fame, and these achievements are partly due to the guidance and encouragement given by Man-fei. When she became severely ill, she said. ‘If that day ever comes, I won’t say goodbye to anybody. Just act as if I was sleeping in the adjacent room.’


CHEN Hyin-gen was born in 1959 and started working in film in 1983. Since [The Sandwich Man](1983), Chen has collaborated with several prominent Taiwanese directors such as Edward Yang and Hou Hsiao-hsien and participated in more than one hundred projects of features, short films and commercials. In 2007, Chen wrote and directed [Island Etude], which became not only a huge box-office success but triggered the trend of cycling in Taiwan.

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