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That’s It


Ishii Gakuryu



Date Time Venues Filmmaker in Attendance Add to My Film List
2016/07/05 14:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall
2016/07/08 21:50 Shin Kong Cineplex 1
2016/07/12 21:40 Shin Kong Cineplex 1




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Struggling at the bottom of society, Samao Daikoku steals the wallet of a gangster and unexpectedly finds a hard drive containing the personal data of the runaways, homeless and hookers. Daikoku tries to cut a deal but gets captured by the gangster. After being tortured, Daikoku musters his courage and decides to confront the destiny that has restrained him for years.


Ishii Gakuryu (formerly known as Sogo Ishii) was born in Hakata, Fukuoka in Japan in 1957. He is a film director and a professor at Kobe Design University. With his Burst City, he was hailed as a pathfinder for the Japanese New Wave. In 1984, Ishii directed his most widelyacclaimed movie, The Crazy Family, which received the Grand Prix at the Saruso Film Festival in Italy.

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