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World Premiere

Looking For?


CHOU Tung-yen


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2017/07/10 20:00 SPOT HUASHAN Cinema A Two YES Sold out
2017/07/12 13:30 SPOT HUASHAN Cinema A One YES Sold out




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"Looking for?" - one of the most asked questions in all gay dating apps, but not easy to answer for anyone, at least for Yen, the director, when he saw it for the first time four years ago. The question then leads him to start his journey to find the answer, by encountering sixty gay men to exchange experiences and stories about love, lust and loss in their lives for being gay in the modern times.


CHOU Tung-yen works primarily in video and theatre. His works have been screened and performed at the international festivals in NYC, Brussels, Lisbon, Lille, Dresden, Copenhagen, Seoul and Beijing. Chou graduated in Theatre Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts and later attained an MA in Scenography from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK. Chou founded the “Very Mainstream Studio” in 2010.

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