Philippe VAN LEEUW

2017|Belgium, France, Lebanon|DCP|Colour|85'

2017 Audience Award, Panorama, Berlinale


Date Time Venues Filmmaker in Attendance Add to My Film List
2017/07/03 17:00 Taipei Zhongshan Hall YES
2017/07/04 14:40 Shin Kong Cineplex 1 YES
2017/07/06 17:10 Shin Kong Cineplex 1




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Trapped inside her house in a city under siege, Oum Yazan, mother of three, turns her flat into a safe harbour for her family and neighbours, trying to protect them from the war outside. When bombs threaten to destroy the building, snipers turn the courtyards into deadly zones and burglars break in to claim their dreadful bounties, maintaining the thin balance of the routine inside the walls becomes a matter of life and death.


Philippe VAN LEEUW was born in Brussels and studied at INSAS before moving to Los Angeles, where he studied cinematography at the American Film Institute. Upon his return to Europe, he took on the role as director of photography for feature documentaries, institutional films as well as in advertising. Meanwhile, Van Leeuw also finds time for his interest in writing and photography. His dedication to social and poetic films has led him to his directorial debut, [The Day God Walked Away] (2009). [Insyriated] is his second feature film as director.

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