Grand Prize

The Wound
South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, France

Statement of the Jury:
The film successfully portrays the psychology and internal conflicts of the characters, and deals with themes of traditional culture and homosexuality that are urgent and need to be told with greater currency. The film is never didactic, but successfully combines important questions of the balance between tradition and change, of trust, and the conflicts between the personal and the public, between individual choice and traditional continuity.

Special Jury Prize

Spain, Morocco, France, Qatar
Oliver LAXE

Statement of the Jury:
Through exceptional cinematography, editing, sound design and casting, the film elevates itself to the highest level, encouraging audiences to travel with the film as if they are moving through a cinematic garden that blends the contemporary with the past, convincingly situating the character''s acts of passion. It''s multilayered story draws the viewer in, allowing them to surrender to the film, it''s breath-taking imagery and open-ended form that is full of surprises.

Audience’s Choice Award

The Great Buddha +

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