Grand Prize

Don’t Look at Me That Way
Germany / Mongolia
d. Uisenma Borchu

Statement of the Jury:
The jury has great pleasure in giving the Grand Prize to a stunning movie for its vitality, its audacity and its mysterious beauty.

Special Jury Prize

Belgium / Switzerland / France
d. Guillaume Senez

Statement of the Jury:
The jury acknowledged this as a mature work from a new director, demonstrating a deep analysis of character through cool, meticulous observation, combining an economy of style with precise technical execution on all levels.

Special Mention

Sand Storm
d. Elite Zexer

Statement of the Jury:
Caught between tradition and her desire for freedom, SAND STORM is a perfectly told story of the struggles and sacrifice of a young Israeli woman. From the strong acting, the emotional reveals of plot and character, and the use of cinema language, the director shows confident control in every aspect of filmmaking. For a first feature, to use the words “great potential” would be an understatement to the achievements of this film. The jury unanimously recognizes SAND STORM for the special mention award.

Audience’s Choice Award

Lokah Laqi! (Hang in There, Kids!)
d. Laha Mebow

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